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A 76-year-old woman is giving away nearly $1million (£730,000) donated for her after she beat off an alleged attacker.

Xiao Zhen Xie was left badly battered and bruised when she was attacked in the street in San Francisco last week.

The brave nan used a nearby stick to defend herself until a security guard rushed to her aid.

A short while before Ngoc Pham, an 83 year old Vietnamese man, was also attacked.

Xiao was left badly hurt, with cuts and bruises on her head and a badly swollen eye.

Following the attack thousands of people donated $951,000 (£695,000) for the septuagenarian’s healthcare bills.

Xiao was left with a badly bruised and swollen face
Xiao was left with a badly bruised and swollen face

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Now Xiao has announced that she will not be spending the money on herself, but will instead give it to a charity fighting racism against Asian people in America.

“Hate crimes towards Asians is nothing new,” her family said in a statement.

“It has happened since the first Asian immigrants arrived in America.

“But during the pandemic, hate crimes towards the AAPI (Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders) community have accelerated in an alarming rate.

“All the hatred that is happening towards the AAPI community has deeply angered and saddened our family.

“The AAPI community is bleeding from this violence and hatred. We as a community cannot stay silent nor be silenced anymore.

Ngoc Pham was also hurt in San Francisco
Ngoc Pham was also hurt in San Francisco

“That is why our family plans to donate ALL funds generated in this GoFundMe to help the AAPI community recover, and combat racism.”

Her grandson John Chen said Xiao’s health is improving along with her spirits.

“She said we must not summit to racism and we must fight to the death if necessary,” he wrote, adding: “She insists on making this decision saying this issue is bigger than Her”

The family said donations to Xiao were important “during these times of extreme hate and ignorance”.

The issue of racism against Asian-Americans was thrust into the spotlight last week when eight people, six of them of Asian decent, were shot in nail salons in Georgia.

The 83-year-old was shopping for groceries when he was attacked
The 83-year-old was shopping for groceries when he was attacked

Jenkins has been charged with several offences
Jenkins has been charged with several offences

As in the UK, the US has seen a significant rise in reported hate crimes against people of Asian decent during the coronavirus pandemic.

Xiao’s alleged assailant was identified by the San Francisco Police Department as 39-year-old Stephen Jenkins.

He was transported to a local hospital for “a prior medical condition” and later arrested, according to a press release.

Police said Jenkins had been involved in a physical altercation with an 83-year-old man just 30 minutes before to his alleged attack on Xiao.

Jenkins has been charged with two counts of assault likely to produce great bodily injury, two counts of battery with serious bodily injury, and two counts of elder abuse, People reported.

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