Hard Seltzer European Expansions : Pure Piraña 1


Recently, HEINEKEN launches Pure Piraña, its hared seltzer brand and it is planning to expand into Europe. Last year, it launched in Mexico and New Zealand and as the summer season rolls around, it will be available in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Austria, and Ireland. The fruity libation is going to expand with the same three flavors, which are Lemon Lime, Red Berries, and Grapefruit.

The carbonated drink has natural fruit flavors, an alcohol percentage of 4.5, and is only 92 calories per can. Cecilia Bottai Mondino, HEINEKEN’s Global Head of Flavored Beverages states, “Following the launch of Pure Piraña in New Zealand and Mexico with promising results last year, we are excited to be introducing the brand into Europe. Pure Piraña is a refreshing and tasteful sparkling water with alcohol, at only 92 calories. I’m proud that we are now sharing this taste experience and the fun of Pure Piraña with consumers across Europe.”

Image Credit: Heineken

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