Hero builder helps hundreds rebuild their homes after ‘cowboys’ rip them off


A builder has helped hundreds of people rebuild their homes after being scammed by cowboy builders, he says.

Graham Nash has worked for free and rallied local tradesmen to help him restore people’s broken homes.

The 50-year-old even spends money out of his own pocket to get the jobs done, Leeds Live reported.

Graham, who owns Pinnacle Builders, said: “I’m no hero, I’m just a nice guy doing a nice thing.

“It’s not about helping people rebuild their homes it’s about rebuilding their lives.

“If working for free or taking a call at 9pm at night means helping someone then I’m happy to do it.”

Graham's teddy bear mascot
Graham’s teddy bear mascot

Graham started lending a helping hand in 2018 when he received a call from one of his clients who claimed to have been charged “thousands of pounds” by a “cowboy builder” for incomplete work.

“My client called me and I went to their property to take a look,” Graham said.

“The building work had been done completely wrong and it all needed to come down and be redone.

“It was going to cost thousands of pounds more to knock it down and rebuild it than it would’ve done to have the job done properly in the first place.

“My client was distraught. I got in my car and drove about 300 yards up the road, and I felt so bad for them I turned around, went straight back and told them I’d sort it free of charge.”

He added: “I’ve been in the building game for 30 years so I rallied round some tradesmen to help me sort it.

“There were a couple of fees I couldn’t get round, but it was such a small amount compared to what it could’ve been.”

Since then, Graham has gained a reputation as the go-to person for people who have come into contact with a cowboy builder.

He has worked on two major projects – saving customers “tens of thousands of pounds” – and has helped hundreds more either with advice, discount deals on materials, or recommendations.

“In the last year I’ve probably worked on about 50 projects in person, including two big projects, and I’ve given advice to hundreds more,” he said.

“It’s not about making money and I never wanted more work – sometimes, I’ve ended up working six or seven days a week to help people.

“I want people to know that there are good builders out there that would bust a gut to do a good job.”

Graham is also dedicated to warning people about what to look out for in a builder to make sure people don’t get ripped off.

He advises people to look on social media and get a recommended builder to avoid being scammed.

“Make sure you get a contract drawn up that covers all aspects of the work and never pay upfront,” he added.

Some of Graham’s clients are so grateful for his help, they’ve nominated him for the SGS Local Hero award – an award recognising tradespeople that have gone above and beyond to help their community.

At the time of writing, Graham has already received more than 1,000 votes.

He said: “I’m amazingly touched that my clients would do that – it’s more than I ever expected – I’m honoured. I’m no hero though, I’m just a builder doing the right thing.”

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