‘High Streets must be revived to be given fighting chance against online giants’ – Vo…


High Streets at the heart of towns and cities will die unless revived and given a fighting chance against online rivals such as US giant Amazon which doesn’t pay anywhere near the same amount in taxes.

Labour Shadow Chancellor Anneliese Dodds will on Monday put defeatist Conservative Government Ministers to shame with her ideas and passion.

Boarded-up shops covered in graffiti or converted into low quality housing would only accelerate decline when big thinking is the answer, including decent taxes raised from the likes of Amazon to turbo-charge High Streets as places we all enjoy visiting.

The Daily Mirror’s High Street Fightback campaign’s championed a level-playing field sadly still missing, Government words rarely supported by actions.

‘High Streets will die unless revived and given a fighting chance against online rivals such as US giant Amazon’

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In life we sometimes don’t fully appreciate what we have until it’s gone.

People in areas where once vibrant shopping centres are now down at hell or ghost towns know more than most the value of lively High Streets. Let’s save ours. Now.

Inquiry needed over Cameron

Britain’s former Prime Minister David Cameron

We the people have a right to know if a former Prime Minister lobbied a Chancellor of the Exchequer to use taxpayers’ money to fund a company he was advising and financially involved with.

David Cameron’s silence over claims he approached Rishi Sunak to obtain Covid funds on behalf of Greensill, a firm that subsequently collapsed, is unacceptable.

Equally a statement or limited media interview would be insufficient when lobbying is a contentious area and an ex-PM exploiting personal contacts would smack on cronyism.

So let’s have an open inquiry to discover who said what to whom and when and why. If Cameron has nothing to hide, he could always demand an official probe and insist he gives evidence in person – submitting private message and phone details.

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Kate’s story is heartfelt and harrowing

Good Morning Britain presenter Kate Garraway’s story of life over the past year since coronavirus devastated husband Derek’s health is heartfelt, honest and harrowing.

Some families will recognise themselves and for the rest of us it is a moving insight into why fighting the spread of the virus and saving lives is hugely more important than reopening shops and pubs a few days early.

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