Individually Packaged Pancake Snacks : Brioche Pasquier


The Brioche Pasquier Pancakes are one of the latest offerings from the brand for the UK market that will provide shoppers with an easy way to incorporate the namesake breakfast into their lifestyle.

The pancakes come in packs of eight individually wrapped two-packs that are priced at between £1 and £1.75 each, and feature a shelf life of 21-days. This is achieved without the use of any preservatives, artificial colors or hydrogenated fats in the mix.

Retail Sales Manager at Brioche Pasquier Charlotte Hulbert spoke on the new Brioche Pasquier Pancakes saying, “Pancakes make a delicious breakfast that is particularly popular with families. Parents love them because they are quick and easy to prepare, and children love them because they taste so good. They make a great base for breakfast or lunch dishes and can be successfully paired with sweet or savoury toppings.”

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