Japaleño Popper Pizzas – Happy Joe's Just Unveiled Its …


Things are heating up over at Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream with the launch of the brand’s new Japaleño Popper Pizza.

Available now through February 15, 2023, the new Japaleño Popper Pizza is a spicy offering that combines the best of pizza with jalapeño poppers. The hybrid dish started with fresh pizza dough topped with a cream cheese base infused with real jalapeño juice topped with crunchy potatoes. The whole thing is then finished with a blend of 100% real cheeses, smoky bacon, and jalapeño slices. As Happy Joe’s President, CEO, and Chief Happiness Officer, Tom Sacco, put in a press release: “With the combination of one of America’s most popular appetizers — the jalapeño popper — and our expertise for creating great tasting and innovative food, we know this new pizza will put a smile on all our guests’ faces.”

Image Credit: Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream

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