Kombucha-Based Cocktail Mixers : Health-Ade Mixers


The Health-Ade Mixers have been announced by the kombucha beverage brand as an option for consumers in search of a way to make their favorite cocktail recipes a little healthier. The mixers are made with a kombucha base alone with distinct flavors that call to mind some of the most popular cocktail recipes out there. The products come in four flavor options to choose from including Mint Mojito Mix, Moscow Mule Mix, Spicy Margarita Mix and Whiskey Sour Mix.

The Health-Ade Mixers are arriving this spring and are likely to be a hit amongst health-conscious consumers looking for a way to help make their favorite cocktail recipes a little more beneficial. The apothecary-style packaging of the mixers position them as an old-fashioned option for mixing up premium drinks.

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