Lifestyle Burger Matchmakers : Mealtime Matchmaker


To help burger lovers find the perfect meal to match their “not-so-new normal” routine, Hardee’s created the Mealtime Matchmaker. The tool was created in response to the fact that a high percentage of people are looking to enjoy more interesting meals and the Mealtime Matchmaker helps to simplify the process of choosing a Charbroiled Star Platform burger.

On social media, the Mealtime Matchmaker suggests different options for those who love to travel and those who love video games. For those who constantly find themselves in loungewear, the Hardee’s Famous star with Cheese is recommended as a classic comfort that’s also not messy to eat while sporting stylish athleisure. There’s also the SUper Star with Cheese, which comes as a recommendation for those who love virtual get-togethers.

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