Low-Sugar Spiked Seltzers : Alani Seltz


Alani Seltz is a new low-calorie hard seltzer that was created for those who are seeking delicious, low-calorie refreshments made with real fruit juice. The canned beverages are available in vibrant flavors like Mimosa, Peach Please, Frozen Lemonade and Hawaiian Shaved Ice, which boast just 100 calories, two grams of carbs and just a single gram of sugar. The gluten-free, better-for-you spiked seltzers were intentionally created to support people in “eliminating the guilt that comes with enjoying an alcoholic beverage.”

Available exclusively in Kroger stores, Alani Seltz is full of summer flavor, convenience and 5% ABV. The easy-drinking beverages can be found individually, as well as in a mixed Party Pack that shares a sampling of the full range of flavors that’s ready to take on the go and share.

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