Luxury Mushroom-Made Handbags : Victoria bag


The Hermes x MycoWorks Mycelium Victoria Bag is a newly created handbag from the fashion house and the biotech company that will offer eco-conscious consumers with a way to whet their appetite for haute products in a sustainable way.

The purse sees the traditional animal-sourced leather used swapped out for a Mycelium material called Sylvania and is decidedly smooth. The Fine Mycelium material is created in the MycoWorks facility before being tanned and finished by the Hermes team in France.

The Hermes x MycoWorks Mycelium Victoria Bag comes as the first collaboration product between the two brands, and is finished with a canvas center panel along with Evercalf calfskin handles and detailing. The bag is expected to be available before the end of the year.

Image Credit: Coppi Barbieri / MycoWorks

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