Marc Jacobs Gets Vaccinated in a Very Marc Jacobs Look


Today, Marc Jacobs took one of his signature mirror selfies. Though, it wasn’t in his home nor in his office. Instead, it was to celebrate receiving the second dose of the vaccine. According to Jacobs, or at least the hashtag in his caption, he is now officially part of the #pfizercrew. And of course, he dressed up for the occasion in Comme des Garçons shorts that were bubblegum pink and slathered in sequins. He paired them with a matching Balenciaga button-up and two of his signatures: a leopard print coat and platform Rick Owens boots. In order to get the inoculating jab from the nurse, he had to pull his shirt down. All in all, a sultry vibe for a medical procedure, but this is the perfect time to celebrate.

This wasn’t the first time that Jacobs dressed up for the vaccine either. Back in the beginning of March, he took one of his signature stellar mirror selfies at NYU Langone. Once again, he dressed in full outré Jacobs fashion: He opted for a pair of hot pink pants, a thin black and white print scarf, and, of course, for none other than his larger-than-life Rick Owens platform boots. Like his look, Jacobs’s took creative liberties with his Instagram hashtags, and included #thankyouhealthcareworkers and #feelinFauci.

Jacobs’s bright, uplifting look isn’t unusual for the designer. During lockdown, he has had a slew of stellar #OOTDs. These ‘fits ranged from a single Balenciaga lamb earring along with a wide brim hat, to a blue cargo pant look , to a glitzy skirt and hulking platforms during the holidays. Whatever the occasion, Jacobs dresses up for it. And in this case? It’s a look, and a moment, worth celebrating.

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