Matcha-Flavored Liqueurs : Tia Maria Matcha


The Tia Maria Matcha liqueur has been announced by Illva Saronno as one of its latest products that will offer consumers an alternative way to enjoy the premium flavor of the namesake tea. The product is characterized by its indulgently creamy profile that is infused with the distinctive flavor profile of authentic Japanese matcha green tea extract. The product features a 17% ABV and features a light green shade that will help to add further visual intrigue to the experience.

Managing Director of Disaronno International UK Neil Jardine explained the new Tia Maria Matcha liqueur further saying, “Matcha is extremely popular in coffee shops and is known around the world for its mindfulness properties, so it seemed a natural fit for us to pair the earthy notes and natural caffeine with our premium Tia Maria flavour. We know our customers love the classic Tia Maria taste, so we wanted to bring them something truly unique while injecting new excitement into the brand. With the launch we want to continue to reach a younger consumer base and meet new taste preferences along the way with our new drink creations, and we’re looking forward to introducing the concept of a mindful matcha ritual through Tia Maria.”

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