Meghan and Harry survey: Mirror readers say Oprah interview ‘disrespected the Queen’


More than two thirds of people think less of Meghan Markle and Prince Harryfollowing their tell-all interview, a survey of Mirror readers has found.

Around 65,000 of you gave us your feedback following last week’s bombshell chat with Oprah Winfrey.

Many back the Queen, although 50 per cent of people also believe that the Royal Family’s reputation has been damaged by the tell-all chat.

But Meghan and Harry’s reputation has taken a huge hit – and more than 70 per cent say they like them less because of the bombshell interview.

And the conversation with legendary chat show host Oprah ‘disrespected’ the Queen during the two-hour sit down, 75 per cent of you tell us.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s explosive interview backfired, Mirror readers say

Nearly half believe Prince Harry did the right thing in not naming the family member who allegedly commented about the possible skin colour of the couple’s unborn son Archie.

Here is what we found out after conducting the post-interview survey.

Royal reputation damaged

Some 50 per cent say the interview was damaging to the Palace

Half of those asked believe the reputation of the Royal Family has been damaged following the interview.

But 44 per cent, nearly 30,000, don’t believe it will have a huge impact.

Seven per cent were unsure how potentially damaging it was going to be.

Harry did the right thing

Nearly half of those surveyed think Harry made the right move

Some 43 per cent feel Harry should have named the member of the household who questioned Archie’s skin colour.

But 48 per cent said he did the right thing by staying quiet and protecting the person’s identity.

Over 5,500 didn’t know if it was the right move by the Prince.

Oprah interview ‘disrespectful’

Many feel Oprah was unfair to the Queen

Harry and Meghan’s decision to speak with chat show legend Oprah disrespected the Queen, according to Mirror readers.

Over 75 per cent – nearly 50,000 of those asked – say the interview crossed a line.

Only 23 per cent, around 15,000, think the chat was fair towards the Monarch and they should have done it.

Queen supported

The Queen appears pensive
Many Mirror readers said the Queen said all she needed to

The Queen was also backed by our readers when it came to the Palace’s response.

Around 69 per cent think she said enough in her statement, days after the interview first aired.

But nearly 25 per cent wanted her to say more, with seven per cent unsure.

Did interview backfire?

Meghan and Harry’s reputation has taken a hit, feedback shows

Interestingly, over 70 per cent like Harry and Meghan less after their tell-all chat with Oprah.

More than 45,000 say the couple have gone down in their estimations.

Only 12 per cent like them more, but 18 per cent – around 11,000 – say the interview hasn’t changed their views.

Time for change?

The Royal Family don’t need a shift in approach or attitude, according to the survey.

Over 60 per cent, nearly 40,000 of you, say there is no need to alter the way the institution operates.

Around 28 per cent believe it is time for them to change, with 12 per cent not sure.

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