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Online dating platform has announced that it will be entering the metaverse via a new partnership with the leading metaverse platform ‘Decentraland.’

The new digital-only dating space will enable Decentralnd users to communicate and connect with other members while in-game. According to the company, the new meta-dating product will enable more people to meet one another due to Decentraland’s international reach. Not only this, but they will be able to do so in an environment that is free from superficial judgments.

“It’s the perfect time to launch meta-dating products… where people can interact and transact as they do in the real world,” said KJ Dhaliwal, Chief Strategy Officer at Dating Group, in an interview with the Drum.

It is worth noting that is not the first online dating company to turn to virtual reality as a means of helping its users connect. The Match Group, owners of Tinder, announced plans in 2021 to launch a standalone virtual world (i.e., metaverse) called ‘Single Town.

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