Mini-Mart Sneaker Pop-Ups : sneaker pop up


atmos, a prominent Japanese streetwear and sneaker boutique, created a fun sneaker pop-up called ‘atmosmart’ that takes cues from convenience stores. Inspired by the mini-marts of Japan and devoted to a new range of Nike Swoosh Mart Air Max sneakers, the pop-up offers a unique experience for sneaker lovers.

Within the store, there are chillers stocked with apparel and footwear, shelves with rice ball-themed Air Max 90s, as well as energy jelly shot-inspired Air Max 97s and Air Max 95s, and shirts printed with instant ramen imagery. Rather than being stocked with popular magazines, the store offers on-theme zines and posters.

Visiting the exclusive store is by appointment only, and fans have to book their spot ahead of time online.

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