Money-Raising Virtual Party Apps : rave to save


As thousands of nightclubs are currently closed due to the global pandemic, Desperados is launching the new Rave to Save app available for Apple and Android platforms. Users are invited to join a series of eight different virtual parties where dance moves can transform into cash. Kicking off on March 27th, Desperados invites partygoers to enjoy their time at home and for every 1000 steps, they raise €1.

Those on the app can also boost how much they are able to contribute by directly donating to clubs in the UK, Germany, and Spain, who will be hosting the parties. This amount will be matched by Desperados up to €30,000 for each event. The money raised will help club owners with operational costs such as salaries and rent. This is made possible in partnership with Beatport, and after downloading the app, they can experience music by Purple Disco Machine with the help of Nakadia.

Image Credit: Desperados

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