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More than a dozen police officers have been killed in two ambushes in Mexico, it has been reported.

According to local media at least 13 police officers have been killed in the two attacks, with some reports claiming 17 deaths.

The two locations of the attacks were at Zacualpan and Coatepec Harinas and that they were carried out by gang members from organised crime groups.

Mexican news publication La Silla Rota said that one attack happened on the road to Zacualpan where there was a confrontation between security personnel and members of organised crime.

In the second massacre at Coatepec the violence is believed to have broken out on Thursday afternoon but it has not been confirmed how many police died at each attack.

A police car with bullet holes in it
Police were reportedly ambushed in two separate locations

Some reports said there were 17 officers killed while a reporter in Mexico has claimed that the number of dead is 13.

The organised gangs caused blockades to prevent and security reinforcements coming to help.

Local reports, citing an ‘Army source’, said the first attack happened when security personnel ‘intercepted suspected criminals and shooting broke out.’

The second was reportedly an ‘ambush’ that claimed more than a dozen lives.

Rodrigo Martinez-Celis, security minister for the State of Mexico, said: “This attack is an affront to the Mexican state.

“We will respond with all force and support of the law.”

A photo from the deadly scene
Organised crime gangs were said to be responsible for the massacre

According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s annual National Drug Threat Assessment Mexican drug trafficking organisations pose ‘the greatest crime threat to the United States.’

The agency also said they have ‘the greatest drug trafficking influence,’ and are often referred to as transnational criminal organisations.

They are involved in crimes of extortion, human smuggling, and oil theft, among others and their supply chains move all across the globe.

Their extensive violence since 2006 has caused Mexico’s murder rate to surge.

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