Mum had to watch her daughter and three grand-kids die in horror drink-drive crash


A grief-stricken mum watched a car with her daughter and three grand kids inside go up in flames after a drink-driver smashed into it.

The devastated woman said she was moving house and her family was helping as she drove close behind her daughter and her children, before they were all tragically killed.

In a heartbreaking interview Rhonda Branch said she saw the car go up in flames right before her eyes after the horror smash.

Speaking to local media Rhonda said she was driving a truck in Spring, Texas, with two of her daughter’s kids.

Porsha, her daughter, was driving up ahead in a separate truck with her three youngest sons, and Rhonda eventually caught up with them.

Porsha, her daughter, was driving up ahead

Speaking to ABC13 she said she soon noticed something wasn’t right during the incident on Sunday night.

Struggling with tears she said: “I was like something happened. I said, ‘Wow something is on fire’… and I never knew that it was my baby.”

Porsha’s car had been involved in a crash and went up in flames right before her eyes.

Both her and her 7-month old son, Drake, were said to have died in the flames after a suspected drunk driver smashed into them.

She said: “And I see my grandson’s shoe… I had just put them on him before he left.”

One of her grand children
She lost three grand children in the tragedy

A family photo
The family had been helping the mum move house

Meanwhile, her other grandchildren, 5-year-old King and 2-year-old Messiah, were airlifted to the hospital where they were both reportedly pronounced dead.

Daniel Canada, the man who police suspect caused the crash, was said to have walked away with scratches and bruises.

It was also reported that before the crash Canada was stopped by a Harris County deputy for speeding and a search of his car found marijuana.

According to the sheriff’s department the deputy did not believe Canada was drunk.

The scene of the crash
The crash was suspected to be caused by a drink driver

The scene of the crash
One man is set to appear at court

“He took my baby’s life and my grandbabies’ lives from us all because he [wanted to] drive drunk. I feel like the first time he got pulled over, they should have just taken him in,” said Rhonda.

Canada was said to be due for a court appearance in relation to the incident on Friday.

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