Mum who avoided leaving the house over fears of being judged loses six stone


A mum who piled on the pounds when she suffered an ankle injury that left her house-bound has found a new confidence after shedding an incredible six stone.

Emma Herdman, 45, used to stay at home in fear of people judging her limp after her ankle was damaged when she was younger.

Feeling self-conscious, the mum would turn to fast food, wine and cigarettes as a way to cope, stepping on the scales at 15 stone 12.5 lbs.

Her confidence was so lacking that she would cancel plans last minute to avoid being seen out in public and dress in baggy clothes that hid her figure.

“My old ankle injury made me really self-conscious and I would avoid leaving the house, I would never go anywhere by myself as I thought people would be looking at me limping,” the mum, from Consett, told ChronicleLive.

“I have been overweight most of my life. I stayed at home, ate and smoked and got bigger and more depressed.

Emma Herdman
Emma Herdman after dropping six dress sizes, pictured with her Slimming World consultant

“I had no confidence. I wouldn’t leave the house, always cancelling plans at the last minute. I felt that people were always looking at me and that I never felt good enough.

“I felt guilty that I couldn’t walk very far and would get out of breath very easily. I hated buying clothes and would wear leggings and baggy tops.”

Knowing her lifestyle had to change, Emma, joined Slimming World in September 2017 and has since shed an impressive six stone.

Now Emma proudly shows off her weight loss transformation as she has dropped six dress sizes, now fitting into a size 12 and she has been given newfound confidence.

Emma Herdman
The mum said a limp from her ankle injury made her feel self-conscious about leaving the house

Inspired by Slimming World recipes, Emma swapped her fatty takeaways for homemade healthy versions.

In March 2018, after losing two stone 8lbs Emma had an ankle replacement to help improve her mobility.

Following her surgery, alongside her weight loss, Emma has been given a new lease of life.

And now with a new outlook on life, she has driven herself to achieve things that she’s always dreamed of.

Emma Herdman
After dropping six dresses sizes the mum has gained newfound confidence

She added: “Everything has changed. I found a love for walking and swimming. I love buying clothes and like to make an effort to look good.

“My confidence has totally changed and I even started driving lessons again and passed my test in December 2019 at the age of 43.

Now she plans out her meals in advance, putting nutritious meals on the table every day while saving her money.

Emma Herdman
The mum is able to leave the house now feeling happy with her new look

The mum added: “I feel like I’m attacking life now rather than watching it go by. I feel like I’m a better mam and that I’m setting a better example.”

“The support and encouragement from the Slimming group has really gotten me through some tough times.

“My Slimming World family have been there for me every step of the way and the friends I’ve made are for life.”

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