‘My mum loved Princess Diana so much she went into a coma after finding out she’d die…


In August 1997 the world was rocked by the death of Princess Diana, at the age of just 36.

Diana had become such a beloved figure, the tragedy was immense with many crying, cursing the unfairness of it all and holding their loved ones a little tighter.

So great was the shock that one woman claims her mum went into a coma after hearing the awful news.

The woman, known only as Veronica, shared her story on Buzzfeed’s Seasoned Sessions podcast.

Veronica, who co-hosts the podcast I Dunno TBH, appeared as a guest on Seasoned Sessions to talk about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s recent interview with Oprah.

During her appearance, she couldn’t help but share her mum’s love for another famous royal.

Diana wearing a black evening gown by Victor Edelstein during a ball hosted by Ronald and Nancy Reagan at the White House in Washington, DC, November 1985.
Princess Diana’s death rocked the world in 1997

She said: “My mum, she is absolutely in love with Princess Diana.

“So my younger brother, he was born 30 minutes after Princess Diana died, and so they brought him into the waiting room, and then the midwife was crying and my mum was like, ‘What’s going on? Is anything wrong with my baby?’

“And she was like ‘No your baby’s fine’ and then the woman kept on crying.

“So [my mum] was like ‘what’s wrong with you, what’s wrong?’ and she was like ‘Princess Diana died’ and my mum went into a coma.

“That’s my mum’s love.”

Veronica speaking about her mum on the Seasoned Sessions podcast
Veronica claims her mum was so shocked by Diana’s death, she went into a coma

Veronica speaking about her mum on the Seasoned Sessions podcast
She shared the story on Buzzfeed’s Seasoned Sessions podcast

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This clip of this story made its way onto TikTok where it went viral, being watched more than three million times.

Many viewers became concerned for Veronica’s mum, so she has since shared an update, explaining in more detail what happened that day.

She added: “Just want to say, I’ve seen all your comments, my mum is alive and well.

“She had a complicated pregnancy, complicated labour and combined with the shock of her fave passing, ended up in a slight coma for a few days.”

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People on social media went wild over the story, with thousands commenting on the videos.

One person said: “I thought you were gonna say they felt Diana’s in your brother BUT NOT A COMA.”

Another replied: “Thought you were gonna say so she named my brother Diana.”

A third wrote: “My eyes widened when she dropped the twist!”

“My mum legit mourned for weeks, the TV was on 24/7. Princess Di was loved by all mums and when I became a mum I understood why,” added someone else.

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