Naturally Flavored Summertime Sodas : LaCroix flavors


These new LaCroix flavors have been announced by the sparkling water beverage brand to offer consumers an option to enjoy during the upcoming summer season. The drinks come in three flavors including Beach Plum, Black Razzberry and Guava São Paulo, which are all made with natural flavors with no sweeteners in the mix. Beach Plum calls to mind the East coast fruit, while Black Razzberry is positioned as irresistibly smooth and Guava São Paulo calls to mind fruits of South America.

The new LaCroix flavors are arriving at select retailers now and are positioned to be available nationwide at a wider range of retailers this spring. The drinks aim to satisfy the increasing demand for sparkling refreshments that are exotically flavored with no sugars or sweeteners in the mix.

Image Credit: LaCroix

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