Netflix director recalls moment Pamela Anderson found out Pam & Tommy had begun airin…


The director of a new Netflix documentary about Pamela Anderson has described the Baywatch star’s reaction to the airing of Pam & Tommy.

Released last year, the Hulu series Pam & Tommy follows Anderson’s marriage to Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, and the infamous sex tape leak.

The series was not given Anderson’s blessing, and she has spoken on multiple occasions in condemnation of it.

In a new interview with The Independent, Ryan White –the director of Pamela, A Love Story – recalled Anderson’s response when she learnt that Pam & Tommy was airing.

“I think the series blindsided Pamela,” he said. “I remember thinking, ‘Oh s***.’ I didn’t know what Pamela was going to think about it. I didn’t know if she was involved in it.”

“I didn’t know what her thoughts were going to be because Pamela is very unpredictable. She doesn’t subscribe to any sort of ideology where you can predict which way she is going to go on any issue: politics, feminism, sexuality, anything.”

According to White, Anderson had been unaware that Pam & Tommy was airing until the week it was out. The moment she finds out, via her son Brandon, is captured in the Netflix documentary.

“She’s not very online,” White recalled. “She’s very disconnected and I think people were deliberately keeping her disconnected during the week it was coming out, so when Brandon calls and she’s starting to spin, that was all real.

“It was very painful to watch,” he continued. “It was painful to be a part of that process with her because she was so traumatised. She could barely talk about it.

“Whenever it came up, she wanted to get the f*** out of the room; she wanted to escape.”

Pamela: A Love Story is streaming on Netflix now.

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