Oat Milk Chocolate Cooking Buttons


The Happi Free From Oat Milk Chocolate Cooking Buttons are a new product option from the brand for consumers to use when looking to enhance their favorite recipes with a touch of chocolate in a free-from manner. The product is being launched in five kilogram bags and is compatible for use with gravity feeders to make them suited for a larger-scale production of vegan foods. The product is made with oat milk along with 46.5% cocoa solids along with sunflower lecithin, which makes it suitable for consumers with food allergies.

Founder Gavin Cox spoke on the new Happi Free From Oat Milk Chocolate Cooking Buttons saying, “These buttons use the same high quality oat milk chocolate that goes into our bars and standard buttons, but by offering them in a larger, catering size, we can target those stores and outlets looking for brilliant-quality, vegan and allergen free chocolate to sell or use in cooking. We’re meeting a new demand in the industry for allergen-friendly choices and providing a solution which meets the criteria for sustainable, ethically-sourced and delicious chocolate.”

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