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While Wonder Valley’s olive oil elevates flavors with “its bright, herbaceous, peppery flavor,” the company’s olive oil skincare dazzles consumers with an innovative formula approach. Through the oil shop, individuals can opt-in for a diverse range of products, including the Wonder Serum, a Face Oil, an Oil Cleanser, Olive and Lotus Exfoliants, the Hinoki Body Oil, the Two Deserts Soap, and so on. The products are unisex, cruelty-free, and can be used for all skin types. Additionally, they are also formulated without parabens, phthalates, petrolates, sulfates, artificial dye or fragrance.

The olive oil skincare collection features Wonder Valley Olive Oil, which is employed as a hero ingredient which “has been a developed staple in beauty rituals for centuries.” Rich in antioxidants and nutrients, the beauty collection promises to be deeply hydrating and illuminating.

Image Credit: Wonder Valley

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