Picasso painting dubbed ‘Peppa Pigasso’ expected to fetch £10million


Picasso made a right pig’s ear of this portrait if online critics are to be believed.

The painting, expected to fetch around £10million at auction tomorrow, has been dubbed a dead ringer for cartoon star Peppa Pig.

Sotheby’s is advertising it on social media, where users were quick to spot the similarity.

One Instagram user said: “As a commoner, all my peasant art eye can see is Peppa Pig.”

Another said “Peppa likes it” while a third dubbed the creation “Peppa Pigasso”.

Can you spot the resemblance? Let us know in the comment section

The masterpiece in full
The masterpiece in full

Peppa Pig is a hit cartoon character
Peppa Pig is a hit cartoon character

The auctioneer says that this hogwash and the oil painting, Woman Sitting in a Chair, is actually a take on the Italian Renaissance style.

Depicting surrealist artist Dora Maar, Spaniard Picasso painted it in Paris in 1941.

Today’s sale in London also includes a work by Yorkshire-born David Hockney called Tall Dutch Trees which is listed at £8.5m.

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