Pop Culture Candy Dispensers : PEZ dispensers collection


The PEZ dispensers collection is being expanded by UK-based confectionery wholesaler Hancocks to offer avid fans with a number of options to pick up when looking to build their collection. The candy dispensers from the Nintendo franchise are arriving alongside new Spiderman, Marvel Avengers, Minions and more varieties for fans to pick up individually. The BEZ Best of Nintendo is being made available as well with four recognizable Super Mario characters in the mix.

Marketing Communications Manager at Hancocks Chris Smith spoke on the expansion of the PEZ dispensers collection saying, “Pez has always been popular with retailers. They are a fun, low-cost item which kids love playing with and adults love the taste of. Particularly popular when displayed near pay points, retailers can also purchase the Pez Semi Circular Stand to display products in an engaging and organised way.”

Image Credit: Hancocks

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