Prince Harry accused of ‘f****** hypocrisy’ over claims Charles cut him off financial…


Pals of Prince Charles have accused Prince Harry of “f******* hypocrisy” after he claimed he had been “cut off financially”.

The Duke of Sussex made the bold claim during his interview with Oprah Winfrey, which was screened last Sunday.

He told the host that he was forced to make deals with streaming services Netflix and Spotify so he could afford security for his family.

But sources close to his father have questioned whether this is correct.

Harry said: “My family literally cut me off financially.

“I’ve got what my mum left me, and without that, we would not have been able to do this. I think she saw it coming.”

Prince Harry (L) and his wife Meghan (C), Duchess of Sussex, in a conversation with US television host Oprah Winfrey
Prince Harry claimed he was cut adrift financially after quitting the royal family

But a friend of Charles accused Harry of “f****** hypocrisy”, The Sunday Times reports.

The pal pointed out that the couple said they wanted to achieve financial independence when they quit the royal family.

And a source close to the Prince of Wales said: “It was a surprise to hear he’d been cut off, given the bank statements.

“The prince continued to provide Harry and Meghan with financial support after their move to America, while they found their feet.”

A week after the bombshell interview aired, the fallout continues within the royal household.

Friends of Prince Charles have disputed Harry’s claim

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Megham Markle has contacted Buckingham Palace demanding to see emails, documents, or texts linked to a bullying complaint made against her, it has been reported.

The duchess reportedly wrote to the Palace to “request the evidence”, a senior Palace source  told the Mail on Sunday  – which described the move as a “clear indication that the duchess is preparing to fight back”.

Prince Harry claimed he and Meghan made deals with Neflix and Spotify to pay security bills

The Queen is said to have passed the request to the Prince of Wales, whose close aides are now reportedly searching the files.

The allegations involve two senior members of staff who claimed that they were bullied by the duchess. Another former employee allegedly claimed they had been ­“humiliated” by Meghan.

The Palace has launched an inquiry.

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