Private Policy’s Jewelry Collaboration Celebrates the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Communities


The pieces launch today during National Deaf History Month, and 50% of profits also go towards the nonprofit Deaf Queer Resource Center. As a trans individual himself, Man wanted to support a cause close to his heart. “It’s the only nonprofit in existence that is for queer deaf people,” says Man. “I’ve lacked that community for so long. They have a monthly meeting online for deaf queer youth, and I can only imagine what that would have been like to attend as a kid.”

To go with the new collaboration, Man wrote, edited, and directed a campaign video starring himself, model Rayly Aquino, and dancer Raven Sutton, who are both also deaf. In the clip, the three stars sign to each other underwater while wearing the ear cuffs. “The video is about amplifying the beauty of being deaf, and what’s more beautiful than the fact that we can communicate underwater?” says Man. 

Going forward, Man and the Private Policy designers hope to make this new line of jewelry a recurring partnership. “I love that Private Policy supports such crucial matters and makes it beautiful at the same time,” says Man. “It is a symbol of encouraging people to understand the deaf community better, and to educate themselves.”

Chella Man x Private Policy’s ear cuffPhoto: Courtesy of Private Policy

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