Property listing for ‘worst house on the street’ praised for its brutal honesty


Buying a house is a huge undertaking that requires countless legal checks to ensure there’s no hidden pitfalls in your investment.

But while most buyers fear that estate agents will tell a few white lies to secure a sale, one property listing has gone viral for doing the exact opposite.

Philippa Main, a realtor based in Florida, US, has been praised on social media for advertising a two-bed home on the market for £50,000 ($69,000) which she describes as “literally the worst house on the street”.

Pulling absolutely no punches as to the huge task potential buyers would be inheriting, she writes: “The roof leaks, the floor creaks, and there’s a terrible draft, but this 3 bed, 1.5 bath home is very open concept. And by that we mean the inside is open to the outside because several of the windows are broken.”

The outside of the home
The listing has been shared hundreds of times on social media

The hilarious listing then continues: “Now I know you’ve heard of a detached garage, but have you ever heard of a detached foundation?! Because that’s what you’ll find here in the large bonus room at the right of the home.”

Philippa boasts that the property would be the perfect setting “to stage your next post-apocalyptic zombie movie”, before adding: “Oh and don’t forget about the brick chimney that perfectly epitomises how we all feel after 2020 – about to collapse and going nowhere (literally, there is no fireplace inside the house).”

Turning to the positives, the home, built in 1954, is not in a flood zone and there’s absolutely no claims against the property, meaning you would have the peace of mind that the sad-looking structure belongs to you and you alone.

The outside of the home
It’s on the market for £50,000

The listing finishes by adding the advice: “And if you’re not interested in crying yourself to sleep every night while you rehab this home, might we suggest tearing it down and building a brand new one in its place? The neighbours would likely thank you.”

The post has been shared hundreds of times on Facebook and Instagram as people praised the move to be up-front and honest.

One commented to say: “Had to be the BEST and most creative post I have ever seen, great job!! Thanks for the laughs!”

A second said: “My friend shared this & after reading it I had to find you! You are hilarious!!! And I love & commend your honesty which is RARE.”

And another added: “We just read this aloud and couldn’t stop laughing! So refreshing to read an honest listing AND you’re a funny writer!”

Sometimes honestly really is the best policy. You can see Philippa’s full listing on her website by clicking here.

What do you think of the listing? Let us know in the comments.

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