Race-Inspired Artful Collaborations – Murakami Drops a Speci…


Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton works together with artist Takashi Murakami as the duo launch a special new +44 collaboration together. +44 is a brand founded by Hamilton and the limited-edition new range highlights a capsule that surrounds the idea of a “Psychedelic Speed Demon.” Murakami interprets her own perspective artfully to match Hamilton’s aesthetic.

The collaboration highlights a dreamy look to race-inspired motifs and garments and Murakami speaks about the project, “A few years ago, I was incredibly honored to hear that Sir Lewis Hamilton visited my art exhibition and was a fan of my work. Needless to say, I was so thrilled to be able to collaborate with him on this collection […] He is known for being a creative and inspirational force at everything he puts his hand to and his new creative lab Plus 44 World is no different. We’’ve worked together to make each piece reflective of our shared passion for the unique, psychedelic and a celebration of what makes us all different. Those who know Lewis can expect this collaboration to be a reflection of his unmatched talent.”

Image Credit: Photo by Rk

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