Ramen Vending Machines : Noodle Tour


Japan’s Maruyama Noodles Co. introduces its brand new Noodle Tours vending machine for ramen fans near and far. The vending machine freezer caters specifically to those who are looking for a quick meal or a sample taste of some of the most famous ramen in Japan.

The machine is developed by the company as a response to the country’s declining food and beverage industry impacted by the global pandemic. Some of the most famous flavors and names that are available through the machine include “Uwajima, Ehime Sea Bream Salt Ramen, Men-ya Oto Rich Niboshi Soba, and Saikoushinkan Jang Mala Dandan Noodles.” Additionally, there is even the appetizer option of dumpling from the famous Raijin Ramen.

Image Credit: Noodle Tours

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