Reception teacher hailed as hero after virtual field trip to the zoo goes viral


He’s teaching his pupils how to walk on the wild side – while they learn from their laptops.

Teacher Garett Talcott, a reception teacher in Washington, U.S, has gone viral after he shared a video of him taking all of his students ‘to the zoo’ virtually.

The dedicated educator, 31, walked around the zoo with his laptop held high, ensuring his classroom could see the animals properly while learning from home.

He can be heard saying, “We learn something, new everyday friends,” as he walks up to signs and holds his laptop carefully so his 28 students can read it properly.

The teacher holding his laptop up at the zoo s can students can see
The video has gone viral

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In the heartwarming video, he can be seen walking from the tapir enclosure to the orangutan exhibition, while one student adorably shouts: “This is a great trip.”

The video has been viewed millions of times since it was uploaded on TikTok before being shared across social media.

As he points out signs and animals around the zoo, the excited students can be heard shouting them out: “A tapir!” “A rhino!”

The teacher holding his laptop up so the s pupils can see the tapir exhibition
His students loved their trip to the zoo

On Twitter, the video racked up thousands of comments, with many emotionally discussing the impact of Covid-19 on children’s education.

One woman commented: “Videos like this make me realize how children are losing out on some pivotal moments in their childhood and this teacher trying to make the best of what’s available is why teachers are so important.

Another viewer replied: “When that baby said “This is AWESOME” I lost it. Kudos to this teacher.”

A third added: “The fact that he took the time to actually go to the zoo irl instead of jus sending them videos of the animals is making me emotional for some reason.”

Another said: “My wife’s a teacher, and one of the most rewarding aspects of the pandemic for me has been hearing snippets of her classes every day.

“Despite the distance and the screens, I hear her generating this kind of cheer and enthusiasm from the kids every day. It’s a real talent.”

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