Recycled Plastic Food Packaging : recycled plastic food wrapper


This KitKat recycled plastic food wrapper has been created by Amcor in Australia to help identify what can be done to curb the amount of plastic packaging being use on a daily basis. The packaging was created in collaboration with Nestlé, CurbCycle, Licella, iQ Renew, LyondellBasell, Viva Energy Australia, Taghleef Industries and REDcycle. The final product was achieved by collecting and processing soft plastic packaging to transform it back into an oil using an advanced technology to then form it into a wrapper.

VP and General Manager Amcor Flexibles Australia and New Zealand Simon Roy spoke on the KitKat recycled plastic food wrapper saying, “This is an exciting time for Amcor and our participation in this project is fully aligned with our commitment to ensure all our packaging is designed to be recyclable or reusable by 2025. As the global leader for consumer packaging we were proud to contribute our expertise in designing a structure which meets consumer needs and has a responsible end of life where it can be reprocessed and reused in food-grade packaging.”

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