Richie Shazam Flips the Script on Makeover Shows With Her New Series, ‘Shine True’


This is how she connects with Azul: by showing that, in their own ways, they are constantly finding themselves. It’s a recurring theme through the series, where Shazam and Silveria travel across the country and Canada and help trans, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming guests feel comfortable and confident. There are plenty of makeovers and more than a little soul-searching.

Shine True is an extension of Shazam’s activism, a layered and extensive view into the lives of gender-nonconforming, nonbinary, and trans guests as they find themselves. In the series, Shazam and Silveira meet with young adults across North America, from Chicago to Reno and Toronto. Ahead of a big event, such as a name-changing ceremony or a first-anniversary celebration with a significant other, they’ll receive a makeover. But this isn’t your average makeover show. “We’re doing a 180 of stripping away the whole narrative of makeover shows and breaking away from that,” says Shazam. “We are really focusing on our story, our families, our friends, and it’s intense.” Throughout the show, we also see guests sit down with family: Azul, for example, speaks with their mother about gender and pronouns.

Fashion plays an equally major role in Shine True. In one episode, guest Jaden shops for a new silhouette after a recent top surgery, while Azul gets fitted for a suit from a haberdashery shop, something that helps them evoke the masculinity of their late father. Shazam emphasizes that clothes are a powerful way to express your identity and doing so can often be an emotional process. “For so many of us, it’s such a jarring, daunting task to feel affirmed through our clothing or find the right things that work for us,” says Shazam. “It allows us to present the way that we feel, finding the pieces that speak to us. We’re building a new relationship with clothing, our appearance, and really working on feeling confident because the world is constantly working against us.”

Photo: Courtesy of Shine True

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