Sant Ambroeus Opens a Glamorous New Gelateria, Just in Time For Spring


Here’s a scoop for you: Sant Ambroeus, New York’s buzzy and beloved Italian eatery, just opened a glamorous gelateria.

Designed by Studio McKinley’s Robert McKinley, their longtime creative collaborator, the cafe’s new Soho sweet shop took color cues from the very hues of the delectable desserts behind their display case. “We wanted it to feel connected to Sant Ambroeus—its sophistication and elegant use of materials—all while having fun with various forms that evoke the shape and fluidity of desserts. More specifically, gelato. Confectionery colors and creamy whites dictated the palette,” McKinley says.

When crafting the menu, Sant Ambroeus decided to go with both la dolce vita classics and more modern flavors. There’s nocciola, pistacchio, and stracciatella, naturally, but also a vegan option made with nut milk. They’ll also put their own sweet spin on things by continually creating their own custom flavors. (For the opening, it’s lemon and orange zest gelato with dehydrated raspberry gelato.) “The menu is inspired by timeless recipes made in-house and found at classic gelato shops in Italy, as well as at iconic resort towns, such as Forte dei Marmi,” Gherardo Guarducci, the co-founder of SA Hospitality Group, tells Vogue.

A particular swoon (and spoon)-worthy offering? Coppe—essentially the Italian version of a sundae. It’s quite the artisanal indulgence: there’s the “Paradiso” which has gelato, strawberries, English cream, freshly whipped cream, and shaved milk chocolate, as well as the “Crema,” which features panettone gelato and Certosino liqueur gelato.

Photo: By Nicole Franzen

A standalone shop for these creamy confections is a natural progression for their brand: according to Guarducci, they’ve been serving gelato and sorbets at their cafés since the 1950s. (Sant Ambroeus, for the uninitiated, opened in Milan during the mid-1930s, then came to New York in 1982.)

And as the spring sun slowly but surely begins to shine over the city, these sweet treats seem like just the way to celebrate.

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