Savvy dog owner transforms cupboard into luxury den for pet for less than £100


A savvy dog owner transformed a cupboard under the stair into a luxury den for her pet – for less than £100.

Becky Rooney, 48, decided to make a special little space for 10-month-old American Bulldog, Hela, to thank her for keeping her smiling throughout lockdown.

The thrifty, mum-of-four designed the house while her electrician fiance , Jason, 48, did the manual work –

The whole project cost under £100 and is complete with carpet, door numbers, wall art, a stain glass window, a roof that was hand painted by Becky and a window box.

The make-up artist said: “The cupboard was just full of rubbish like old paint tins, a broken vacuum and coats that don’t fit us anymore.

Hela's very own little apartment under the stairs
Hela’s very own little apartment under the stairs

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“I just wanted to stop Jason from filling it with rubbish because that’s what he does with empty cupboards and I wanted to make a space for Hela.

“Jason is used to me doing weird things with the decorating, my house is a bit out there, it isn’t like most peoples but then he got really into it and decided she needed a window box.

“It was my idea, but Jason did all the hard work.

“Hela loves it, she either snuggles up in the corner or she lays at the door with her nose poking out.”

Becky's cupboard before the transformation
Becky’s cupboard before the transformation

Hela's private cosy space under the stairs
Hela’s private cosy space under the stairs

Becky managed to keep the project at minimal cost by using leftover pieces of wood, leftover brick wallpaper, upcycled stain glass windows, plants from The Range costing £7.99, blue paint costing £20 and door numbers at £10.

Becky said: “We’re just in the process of doing our house so we have lots of spare wood and wallpaper and I hand painted the roof on there so that didn’t cost anything

“Hela is worth it because she’s really kept me going throughout lockdown. and I’m so grateful for her.

“She’s the sweetest dog, she doesn’t have an ounce of aggression and is so well behaved.

“She’s so happy and adorable.

“I’ve had so many dogs and she’s got to be the sweetest and best behaved. She’s got such a lovely nature.

“Dogs really are man’s best friend.”

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