Shoe Disinfection Stations : Shoe Disinfection


Dirt, bacteria and dangerous microorganisms can cling to the bottoms of shoes, which prompted Corning and PathO3Gen Solutions to collaborate on UVZone shoe disinfection technology. The solution sets itself apart as the first and only UL Certified, proactive disinfection equipment that uses an exclusive and multi-patented combination of Ozone (O3) + UVC, and this patented technology has been proven to be “110x more effective against deadly pathogens, and over 24x more effective at eliminating Human Coronavirus, than UVC alone.”

The technology has been in development for years but the onset of the pandemic gave new relevance to UVZone, which is effective for eliminating pathogens and residue lingering on footwear. The sanitization station only requires people to step on the designated area for a controlled release of short-wave ultraviolet light.

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