Shop praised for reply to customer who complained after being asked to wear a mask


A shop owner has been praised for penning the perfect response to an angry customer who posted a string of one-star reviews online after they were asked to wear a mask.

A shopper and their friend, who had visited an unnamed store in the US, were asked to leave after the shop claims both visitors refused to accept the offer of a free face mask, which it says is mandatory in the store, and the state, during the pandemic.

Shortly after the incident, negative reviews started appearing online and one was left on Google to give the shop a one-star rating, but making no reference to the incident which had occurred.

It reads: “Terrible customer service. If I could give them a zero I would. I will be shopping online from now on.”

Face masks
The owner said staff were “threatened” when they asked the customers to leave

The owner appeared to recognise the user and replied to explain why staff enforce the rule regarding masks in the store, leading to people online praising the response.

They wrote: “Hi. I’m sorry that you feel that way. You and your friend both came into our store without masks on despite the fact that it is posted on the door that masks are mandatory and it is also mandated by the state.

“We asked you nicely if you could put a mask on and you said no. We then asked if we could give you a free mask to wear and you said no. We then asked you to leave and you resisted.

“After telling you that the store is private property and you are required to leave, you threatened us. We still offered to help you outside the store.

“Sixteen people have died from Covid 19 in the last two weeks in our county. We care tremendously about our staff, our families, our customers and our business.

“We have lost a tremendous amount of money from a two month closure and other businesses have been forced to close for good. Most of our staff have someone at high risk in our immediate family.

“Is it really bad customer service to ask you to wear a mask in our store or to go elsewhere? Writing a nasty review on every source you can find will not stop us from protecting what is important to us.

“We wear masks for 8 hours straight to protect people. It doesn’t seem like asking you to wear one while you are in our store is to much to ask.”

The exchange was shared on Reddit, where users fiercely defended the owner, as one commented to say: “This owner is too nice for this planet.”

And a second wrote: “Thank you. Seriously, I am grateful for every business owner and manager that takes this s*** seriously so that we can minimise our risks.”

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