Shop the Best Chef’s Knives According to Our Favorite Chefs and Restaurant-Owners


When it comes to kitchen tools, the best chef’s knives are those that become the most essential and personal tool in the kitchen. For home cooks and chefs alike, it’s the utensil that’s reached for and relied on the most, from slicing fruits to prepping grand meals. The price tag of a good quality knife can be intimidating, but quality is key for precision and functionality.

A seriously sharp, 8-inch chef’s knife seems to be the most popular amongst our recommendations, but beauty and personality must not be overlooked. For chef Auzerais Bellamany of the Blondery, she prefers the 8-inch knife by Material in pink for a pop of color. And Claire Ptak, owner of Violet Cakes, swears by her Japanese Santiago knife, which dotes a red sandalwood handle and beautifully textured blade.

Below, some of our favorite chefs and restaurateurs share their go-to, do-it-all chef’s knives. The biggest takeaway for the best chef’s knives? Invest in one well-made, durable knife that feels good in your hand and slices with precision. For a tried-and-true knife, a favorite of both chef Marie-Aude Rose and chef Zoe Adjonyoh, try Global’s 8-inch chef’s knife.

1. Auzerais Bellamy, Founder of Blondery

“I love the 8-inch knife by Material! I have the pink color which is more of a vanity thing but it’s made with 3 layers of Japanese steel and it’s super simple to care for. Since I am mostly using it for cutting herbs, veggies, and fruit, I appreciate that it’s not too heavy and intimidating.”

“I enjoy working with Global knives because of the unity between the blade and the handle. From the butcher knife, which is my favorite, to the carving knife.”

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