Smoky Plant-Based Burgers : Smokehouse Burgers


OZO is introducing a new line of frozen plant-based proteins, including plant-based Smokehouse Burgers that deliver high-quality flavors without compromising on taste. The conveniently packaged frozen patties are made with fermented pea protein and they deliver 19 grams of complete plant-based protein, all in a recipe that’s free from soy and gluten.

The fully cooked, heat-and-eat burgers also boast 65% less saturated fat than beef, which makes them an appealing alternative for those who are looking to incorporate more plant-based food into their diet for primarily health reasons. With this new product, the brand recognizes “The pandemic has forced people to get creative in the kitchen, and these innovative offerings are the perfect addition to weekday meals or weekend grill-outs, with the option to heat and eat or freeze for later.”

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