Stylish Home Quilts : A.P.C.’s 19th Quilts


Among many things, this past year has taught consumers of the importance of making a house a home, and A.P.C.’s 19th Quilts Bedding is aiding in that process. The brand has launched a collection of quilts and bedding for the home that offer a stylish statement to any room.

Interestingly, each item in the lineup was named after a different store location from the brand. Examples include the ‘Money Penny’, which is a king-sized item representing the line’s Bond Street, New York City location. Meanwhile, the ‘Filles du Calvaire’ is representative of the Parisian metro station. The quilts range in design and cold, with some boasting bold lines and colors, and others featuring a more subtle aesthetic. The blankets range in price from $195 USD to $875 USD and are available online.

Image Credit: A.P.C

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