Sustainable Supersonic Aviation Jets : Boom Supersonic Overture


Mainstream supersonic air travel was put on hold with the retirement of the Concorde back in 2003, but the Boom Supersonic ‘Overture’ jet has been unveiled by the brand as the next-generation of the technology.

The aircraft would be capable of providing 88 passengers with the ability to board traditionally long-haul flights and enjoy flight times that are dramatically shorter. This is thanks to the plane’s ability to achieve Mach 1.7 to go from Los Angeles to Sydney in six hours and 45-minutes, New York to London in just 3.5-hours and more.

The Boom Supersonic ‘Overture’ jet is reported to run on 100% sustainable aviation fuel for a net-zero carbon footprint. The plane is expected to roll out in 2025 at the earliest with United Airlines already slated to purchase a fleet of 15.

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