Teacher who described schoolgirls as ‘Eastern European prostitutes’ in blog struck of…


A teacher who described schoolgirls as dressing like “Eastern European prostitutes” has been struck off.

Alexander Price was handed a prohibition order banning him from teaching for at least two years after a misconduct hearing found his anonymous online posts “inappropriate”.

The 43-year-old Design and Technology teacher had admitted to being behind anonymous blog ‘The Provoked Pedagogue’ about daily life at Denbigh High School in Denbigh, north Wales.

In one article, titled ‘The Problem With Prom’, he called the event a “shallow, vacuous affair”, characterised by “anxious young teens shoe-horned into gowns and paraded into towns like cattle”, reports Wales Online.

As well as the prostitute comment, he also likened the girls to “Kardashian clones” and said they were “plastered in make-up” because they “feel pressure from all angles”.

And claimed the boys “snorted coke”.

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Alexander Price
The teacher said he had tried to make the blog entertaining

He said that some pupils’ literacy was “so poor they cannot read the instructions on sachets of brown goop that leak into every pore”.

“Tears are assured and will have been flowing freely, family relationships are stretched to breaking point in the quest for the perfect combination of overpriced tat that the teenager thinks they want,” he added.

In a separate post, Mr Price referred to head teacher Dr Paul Evans as Grima Wormtongue, a sycophant character in Lord of the Rings, describing him as “slithering around the school”.

Denbigh High School in Denbigh, North Wales
Mr Price worked at Denbigh High School in Denbigh, North Wales

The teacher told the hearing he started the secret blog as a “cathartic” exercise, and tried to make it “colour and entertaining”.

But a panel ruled the posts were “inappropriate, offensive, or derogatory” to pupils, parents and colleagues and found he had committed unacceptable professional conduct.

Chair Steve Powell said the comments “were critical, they were disrespectful, they were likely to cause offence to any pupil or parent who came across the article”.

Alexander Price
Mr Price said he felt the panel had taken the quotes out of context

“It was particularly concerning that a focus on these comments and the article as a whole was on families from poor backgrounds in an unnecessary and unwarranted way.”

Mr Price denied the posts amounted to unacceptable professional conduct.

He said the panel had not taken the blogs in the proper context and that many of the extracts they read aloud had the opposite point of the articles as a whole.

Mr Price’s union representative, Colin Adkins, of NASUWT, said the ruling was “chilling in that it has inhibited freedom of speech”.

In a statement to the panel, Mr Price said: “I find it ridiculous you say you have considered these comments in their entirety because you blatantly haven’t.

“This process is clearly designed to cover up the failings of a failing school.”

Mr Price said he wrote the blogs because the school was “dangerous and failing”.

The hearing in Cardiff was told he can reapply to join the register after a two-year period.

Mr Powell added that the teacher’s actions showed a “reckless disregard for the principles set out in the code.”

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