Technologically-Advanced Grills – Chili's Announced its…


Chili’s announced today that it is working on building the ‘Kitchen of the Future Three’ powered by technologically-enhanced grills and ovens. The company notes that, while other restaurants are focusing on modernizing features that connect front-house to back-house, or services that improve delivery times, Chili’s will focus its efforts, at least presently, on the efficiency of kitchen staff.

The Kitchen of the Future Three initiative will be headlined by the ‘TurboChef Triple-Deck Oven,’ which is capable of cooking multiple different dishes, such as pizza,s burgers, fish, and more, all simultaneously in their own heat-controlled sections. These sections can be activated quickly by the press of a button, and will produce a cooked dish with perfect consistency each time, as each setting can be programmed in advance. This is expected to increase the efficiency of cooks at Chili’s by up to 50% when it begins testing.

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