TikTok Event Tickets Feature : Ticketmaster


Ticketmaster and TikTok have teamed up to launch a new in-app feature that will highlight live events through TikTok’s short videos, enabling users to purchase tickets immediately through the app. Not only does this make it easy for users to hear about new events and buy tickets, but it also provides creators with the chance to partner with events, artists, and brands by adding destination links to their videos.

According to the company, the new feature aims to connect event organizers, TikTok creators, and fans by consolidating the ticket buying process into a seamless single-app solution. In addition, the feature will have a personalization focus, recommending videos with event links based on users’ preferences. Certainly, Ticketmaster’s partnership with TikTok and previously with Snapchat highlight the company’s efforts to reach a younger audience.

Image Credit: Ticketmaster

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