Timeless Stainless Steel Watches : timeless


South Korean fashion label AMBUSH introduces a unique set of wearables that are quite literally timeless. Yoon Ahn introduces two pieces of jewelry that are made from stainless steel materials modelled after the look of famous watches. The first of the two is the Rollie Chain Bracelet and the second is the Timeless Watch Bracelet.

The main focus dials into style above all else. The Rollie is a nod to the iconic Rolex watch known at the “President” due to the admiration of many USA Presidents over the year. AMBUSH updates the silhouette with a silver tonal finish throughout and has a three-piece layout with AMBUSH branding at the clasp. The Timeless Watch nods to the CASIO A168WG-9EF digital watch.

Image Credit: HBX

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