Top 100 Marketing Trends in June


Marketing is a pivotal way brands interact with consumers on a personal, authentic level, and the June 2021 marketing trends underscore the new approaches companies are employing. One prevalent theme currently being tapped centers around post-pandemic life as economies begin opening in light of mass vaccination across the globe.

Notably, EXTRA Gum recently launched a new campaign dubbed ‘For When It’s Time’ with a commercial that shows people emerging from their quarantine shelters back into “normal” life. The heartwarming commercial depicts people reuniting and, of course, freshening their breath with EXTRA Gum. The ad aims to convey the “comforting nostalgia of pre-pandemic life” and inspires hope for a future with hugging, kissing, and socializing.

Another intriguing post-pandemic campaign comes from winemaker Sacha Lichine. The brand launched the Pale wine that takes cues from the roaring 1920s and offers hope for post-lockdown parties.

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