Top 40 Auto Trends in March


These examples of March 2021 autos range from rugged luxury concept cars to K-Pop-inspired vehicle designs.

While designer Rafał Czaniecki’s conceptual Bugatti Chiron Terracross is described as “an off-road version of the namesake sports car” with a “4×4 design that has ultra-rugged wheels along with an impressive suspension that will allow it to seamlessly pass over any kind of terrain,” the conceptual Hyundai BLINK vehicle pays homage to Korean pop culture. Designed by Sachin Sing Tensing as part of an internship project, the conceptual car is inspired by girl group Blackpink and imagines the outcome of its collaboration with the automaker.

Other notable real-life autos include the customized ‘Casper’ camper van by Germany-based company Flowcamper. The company transforms a Volkswagen T6 with upgraded features for comfortable mobile living. These include a “kitchen complete with a stove and refrigerator, folding bed, fresh water and wastewater tanks and the inclusion of an extra battery that can be used to power non-essential and recreation-focused electronics.”

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