Tortilla-Style Keto Chips : keto chips


Hilo Life, a keto-friendly snack brand created by PepsiCo, is now introducing keto chips that will appeal to those who love Doritos but are looking for a snack that’s suitable with the rules of ketogenic eating. The tortilla-style chips boast fewer carbs and more protein, and they’re made with defatted almond flour. The triangular chips are available in flavors like nacho cheese, ranch and spicy salsa, and a single serving is free from added sugar and low in net carbs.

While these tortilla-style chips boast three grams of net carbohydrates and nine grams of protein per serving, something like the Cool Ranch Doritos have 18 grams of carbs and two grams of protein in comparison.

When it came to creating these snacks, Amanda Cheung, brand director for Hilo Life, says, “We connected directly with consumers who follow a keto lifestyle to learn what they were missing, and a top request was a carb-conscious chip that tastes like the snacks they used to love.”

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