Tragic tot who had a ‘cheeky smile’ survived for just 65 minutes after early birth


A grief-stricken mum whose son lived for just 65 minutes has launched a campaign to help other parents cope with the devastating loss of a newborn.

Hudson Carter Thomond weighed just 1lb 3oz when he was born on March 4, some four months early.

The tragic tot was delivered at 12.59pm but had died by 2.04pm, surviving for just 65 minutes.

An inquest is now expected to be held into the cause of his death, the Mancester Evening News reports.

His mum, Maddison Alexandra Carter, was so moved by the support she received on the maternity unit at Royal Oldham Hospital that she has started a fundraising drive to give something back.

Posting a picture of her with Hudson on a GoFundMe page, she wrote: “This gofundme is to help us raise funds to donate bears and items for newborns to labour wards.

“On 4/3/21 I lost my beautiful son, Hudson after he was born at 22 weeks. He was born with a cheeky smile and a tiny little bum, weighing 1lb 3oz.

“The help and support I received during my time in the hospital was more than I ever expected. A big thing that helped was the donations made by other families that had gone through the same thing as me, small things like a personal teddy bear really helped.”

Maddison, from Rochdale, listed the donations that helped her, including nappies, blankets, clothing, a clay foot mould, keepsakes, memory boxes, books and even a camera.

She wrote: “Items like these weren’t expected but they really helped and made me smile. The reason I had these was because other families had donated them, and I’d hate to think that there could be families in the future that have to go without.

“I plan to take donations of all the above and more every couple of months to my local hospital.”

One well-wisher Amanda Jane, writing on Facebook, said: “You are doing such a lovely thing helping others who experience the loss of a beautiful baby. He is absolutely beautiful.”

Assistant coroner for Manchester North, Matthew Cox, opened an inquest into the death at Rochdale Coroner’s Court on Monday.

Police coroner’s officer Bernadette Hatton read out brief facts of the case, including the times of the birth and death.

She confirmed the parents, Maddison Alexandra Carter and Rhys Thomond, were from an address in Rochdale.

Maddison had a scan on February 24 which revealed ‘anomalies’ and she was admitted to Royal Oldham on March 3 to be induced, the court was told.

Coroner Mr Cox adjourned the case for a full inquest but no date was fixed.

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